04 July 2015

GIVEAWAY: Estée Lauder

I have read somewhere - who is gifted, one should give. My sponsors spoil me and I will spoil you. And therefore here is another giveaway session. And of course, again a luxurious one. I have long time wondered, what would please you and decided then to give away two nail polishes from Estée Lauder, because a giveaway like that was not here yet.

The giveaway session has only three simple, but mandatory rules - follow this blog via GFC, subscribe to my Youtube channel and leave your email. This giveaway session is open internationally and will run until 20.8.2015.

I keep my fingerd crossed for you.
Kdesi som čítala – kto je obdarovávaný, mal by obdarovávať. Moji sponzori rozmaznávajú mňa a ja budem rozmaznávať vás. A preto je tu ďalšia giveaway. A ako inak, znovu luxusná. Dlho som premýšľala, čo by vás asi tak potešilo a rozhodla som sa dať do súťaže dva laky na nechty od Estée Lauder, pretože tie tu ešte neboli.

Giveaway má len tri jednoduché, ale povinné pravidlá – sledovať tento blog cez GFC, sledovať môj Youtube kanál a zanechať na seba email. Giveaway je otvorená medzinárodne a pobeží do 20.8.2015.

Držím vám palce.

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30 June 2015

LOOK: Made in NASA

famous fashion blogger

My boyfriend has stopped commenting on my NASA cosmonautic outfits. He is probably used to by now. He even helped me to choose an appropriate handbag. There were three options. Metallic, metallic and metallic. Decisions, decisions. To this outfit a white envelope handbag would fit best, but it is probably somewhere in some eshop and I still did not check it out. Instead of silver leggings I wanted to initially wear white pants, but they still did not arrive from Asos.

I really like the metallic trend of pseudo-tatto and of course I had to incorporate it into the outfit. Originally I had three silver tattoos on the hand and not only two, as you can see on the pictures. The thirt one was a beautiful Indian elephant, but he did not make it until the photo shoot.

I arrived at the photo shoot with an almost run-out battery in the camera. Measly 23% cannot be enough. It was so low. I shot and recorded the outfit under big pressure, with lot of stress and in record time. 40 minutes, not more. On the photos you can see that I am really not into laughter. I was so looking forward to the photo shoot, that I will really enjoy it, that I will shoot nice details, that it will be something to look at. I managed to gather 13 photos and was able to edit a 26 second long video. I do not like the feeling when I am not completely satisfied with the result. Like this time.

Only one hope remains, that you may perceive it differently than I do, that it might not be so bad, that some details are cool and it is worth to look at it. So let me know what you think about this outfit and spice your comment with criticism. One unnamed Slovak blogger once for example advised me, that I should buy one more shiny thing - a mirror. I did it.

I wish you a bright diamond Tuesday.
Môj priateľ už prestal komentovať moje NASA kozmonautské outfity. Asi si už zvykol. Dokonca mi poradil, ktorú kabelku si mám vziať. Na výber boli tri. Metalická, metalická a metalická. Veľká dilema. Viac by sa mi do tohto outfitu hodila biela listová kabelka, ale tá na mňa čaká v nejakom eshope a ešte neviem v ktorom. Namiesto strieborných legín som si chcela pôvodne vziať biele nohavice, lenže tie ešte nedorazili z Asosu. Takže Asos, ak tento outfit nie je perfektný, je to tvoja chyba.

Veľmi sa mi páči trend metalického pseudotetovania a tak som ho samozrejme musela zakomponovať do outfitu. Pôvodne som na ruke mala tri. Nie dva, ako to vidíte na fotkách. Na chrbáte ruky som mala ešte krásneho indického slona, lenže ten to do fotenia nezvládol a odlepil sa.

Na fotenie som dorazila s takmer vybitou batériou vo fotoaparáte. Úbohých 23% je veľmi málo. Outfit som nafotila a natočila pod veľkým stresom a v rekordnom čase. Asi za 40 minút. Na fotkách je vidieť, že mi naozaj nie je do smiechu. A pritom som sa na to fotenie tak tešila, že si to vážne užijem, že vám nafotím pekné detaily, že bude na čo pozerať. Podarilo sa mi nazbierať 13 fotografií a zostrihať 26 sekundové video. Nemám rada ten pocit, keď nie som spokojná s výsledkom, ako napríklad tento raz.

Ostáva mi len dúfať, že vy to možno vnímate inak ako ja, že to možno nie je až také zlé, že sa na to dá pozerať a niektoré detaily sú vychytané. Tak mi dajte vedieť, čo si o tomto outfite myslíte a okoreňte váš komentár kritikou. Jedna nemenovaná slovenská blogerka mi raz napr. poradila, že si mám kúpiť ešte jednu lesklú vec a to zrkadlo. Kúpila som.

Prajem vám nablýskaný utorok.

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25 June 2015

SHOPPING: Shopping Queen

I came to a stage where I can (finally) call myself a professional crowned shopaholic. Shopping is not only shopping anymore. It is more about hunting for the perfect pieces, which are special, unique, expensive or not and it is very possible, that you will not find it in your town.

Being a professional shopaholic a.k.a. shopping queen needs time. A lot of time actually, spending hours with searching, researching, browsing, comparing, reading, following (blogs) and much more. My way of shopping you can not compare with the usual purchasing of goods like - you go, you see, you try it, you buy it. No. It is more like - Finally! I found it. Yes!

I shop everywhere. Not just in local shops located about 15 km from my apartment. I am not afraid to travel for some pieces, or give a call, if they have my size-number or ship it tousends of kilometers. I shop on eBay, on Amazon, in ASOS (of course), in shops you have never heard of, clothes of an unknown brands, in the Asian and secondhand stores.

I put together a few tips that should help you to save a lot of time and money during shopping:
-Sign-up for newsletter on the website of your favorite shop; follow it on Instagram too
-Follow the bloggers from your city and also bloggers with refined taste (Macadamian girl)
-Go shopping immediately after salary. Most of the shops know exactly when it is salary time and gues what, at the same time, in the store appears new big collection
-Do not be shy to ask for discount. Always and everywhere. On a piece from a shop windows and mannequins you can get easily up to 10%.
-Ask personal shoppers where they shop and go check it out. I did not find out it yet
-Walk through the Louis Vuitton store, even if you can not afford to breathe LV air. On the other hand also visit the secondhands
-If you fell in love with some of the handbags from LV Monogram Canvas collection and you can not afford it (after all, who can.?), buy instead of it a replica. (They will never invite me to the LV fashion show anymore after what i wrote.) Now, some will spurn me, but this system works for me. The normal process is that after a short period of time the handbag will bore you. Original or fake. But if not, save some cash for the original
-Download smart app Zara to your phone. You will know exactly in which branch store of Zara is your dress size in stock
-Ask in your favorite store, when and how often they get a new collection. E.g. H&M at Zurich gets it daily
-The great thing is, that you do not have to follow the fashion trends, because all the designers are doing it for you and it is almost impossible to get dressed untrendy
-Put lipstick on and make your hair nice. You will like the final look in cabines much more
-You know the situation, when you go shopping alone, because your friend has no time and the tricky slimming mirrors in the changing cabines do not tell the truths, do not hasitate to ask for the opinion of a loyal shop assistant. I repeat loyal. Shop assistants are in the shop because of one thing - to sell. They will tell you everything - it looks amazing on you. When I once worked for Swarovski and the manager was not around, I was not afraid to say, that the chosen item does not look well on the potential customer. Try to find exactly such a shop assistant
-Set up a VIP customer card, to get special offers, sales and news. My last one is from Swarovski
-If you finally found something that immediately grabbed your heart, buy it! Buy it! You can always return it back, when the euphorie at home subsides. In most stores the goods are taken back immediately without comment. If somewhere some shopassistent makes a negative comment, just stop shopping there
-Get it or regret it. If you have ever heard advice from a financial adviser - in the case that you something like very much, but you are not sure, if you should buy it, than sleep over and if you will like it also second day, go there and buy it. And I say - do not listen to such advice, because these people have no idea what it is like to return back to the store and find out, that your dream sweater is sold out

Sales around the world just started. So lets go shopping. I hope I inspired you, and my advices to you will be of assistance.

If you have some cool shopping tips, let me know it here and now.
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20 June 2015

BEAUTY: OPI Infinite Shine

It is long time since I published a BEAUTY post, so here we go. This one will save you a lot of money and a lot of time. Especially for the nail poslish maniacs and fetishists.

For some time I planned to do it, yes to do it, because it is really a lot of work - to make pictures and paint nails, write and translate the article of UV gel nail polishes. But as always there was something else, something more important, something more interesting. Today was finally the perfect time to do it. 

The OPI brand will surely need no introduction. I, myself was not yet in a salon where they did not have these nail polishes. They keep pace with the times, with fashion trends and they are innovative. They are simply great.

The OPI has something new, what you should know, it is the nail polish Infinite Shine, that pretends to be a conventional nail polish, but in fact it is a long-lasting gel nail polish, that lasts something (up to 10 days on the nails) and have a great shine effect. 

What would you like more? To achieve the same result at home as in beauty salon, follow these simple steps - before you start paint your nails, it is necessary to prepare the nail and to smooth them out with a fine file, secondly degrease it with alcohol, thirdly paint the nails with the primer and then paint the nails with one of the 30 Infinite Shine nail polish. The nail polishes Infinite Shine are fast-drying, dense and have a perfect cover after the first application. But anyway, I recommend you to apply two layers of colored nail polish in order to cover all the possible imperfections of the nails. At last, apply the transparent gloss that protect nails and gives them a high shine. The entire painting process takes less than five minutes and if you will follow all the steps, you will be rewarded with remarkable beautiful hands.

What is your experience with nail polishes from OPI?

Dlho tu nebol BEAUTY post, tak tu jeden máte. Ušetrím vám dnes veľa peňazí a veľa času. Hlavne pre lakovačky, t.j. maniačky a fetišistky na laky na nehty. 

Už dlhšiu dobu som plánovala urobiť, áno urobiť, pretože je to naozaj veľa práce - nafotiť a nalakovať a napísať a preložiť príspevok o UV geloch na nehty. Avšak vždy tu bolo niečo iné, niečo dôležitejšie, niečo zaujímavejšie. Dnes nastal ten čas. 

Značku OPI vám určite netreba predstavovať. Ja sama som ešte nebola v žiadnom salóne, kde by laky od tejto značky nemali. Držia krok s dobou, s módnymi trendami, vedia, čo sa dnes nosí a sú inovatívni. Sú skrátka dobrí.

V OPI majú novinku, o ktorej by ste mali vedieť a tou sú laky Infinite Shine, ktoré sa tvária ako klasické laky, ale v skutočnosti to sú dlhotrvajúce gelové laky, ktoré niečo vydržia (držia na nechtoch až 10 dní) a majú vysoký lesk. 

Čo by ste chceli viac? Aby ste dosiahli rovnaký výsledok doma ako u manikérky, postupujte následovne – nechty je na lakovanie potrebné pripraviť a to vyhladiť jemným pilníkom, za druhé odmastiť alkoholom, za tretie nalakovať nechty Primerom a následne nalakovať nechty farebným lakom. Lakov Infinite Shine je presne 30, sú rýchloschnúce, husté a majú perfektné krytie už po prvom nanesení. No aj napriek tomu doporučujem nalakovať nechty dvomi vrstvami farebného laku, aby sa prekryli všetky nerovnosti nechtov. Posledným krokom je nanesenie tzv. lesku na nechty, vďaka ktorému sa budú nechty ako ináč – lesknúť. Celý lakovací process netrvá dlhšie než 5 minút. Ak budete postupovať presne ako som to napísala, budete sa zaručene pyšniť krásnymi rukami. 

Akú máte skúsenosť s lakmi od OPI?

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15 June 2015

LOOK: Little white dress

famous fashion blogger

Immediately after my photoshoot of this outfit, I had a complete IT detox in a small Slovakian village where I come from.

Nothing from this outfit is new, branded or expensive. It is prove, that even for little money you can have a big fashion return. Each piece has already appeared on this blog. Some even more than once. For example the tulle skirt, which is originally from Ebay here, the top from Frontrowshop here, the shoes here, the handbag here and the earrings here. And I always wanted to come up with something new, so you will not get bored with my blog. Plans, plans, plans.

I survived the detox. It had really beneficial effects. One week without Instagram, Facebook, blog, emails, eshops, push notifications... and I could survived even longer. I stepped out of my blog bubble and looked at the world. At the real world. I changed the XOXO to the real hughs. They were warm, strong, smell like fresh cutted grass and last as long. Instead of online chating I could hear the voice of my grandparents. It is wise, soft, relaxed, calm and it also sounds like a thousand tiny meadow bells.

It is time to write about this little white dress as a meaningful article. But I do not know how. With my spirit I am still there, in a small village in the mountains, but with the body already here in Switzerland

and someone hugs me very strongly...

When did you last time had an IT detox?
Hneď po tom, čo som nafotila tento outfit, som si dala úplný IT detox v malej slovenskej dedinke odkiaľ pochádzam.

Nič z tohto outfitu nie je nové, značkové alebo drahé. Je dôkazom toho, že aj za málo peňazí môžete mať veľa muziky. Každý kúsok sa už na tomto blogu objavil. Niektorý dokonca viackrát. Napríklad tylová sukňa, ktorá je pôvodne z Ebay tu, top z Frontrowshop tu, topánky tu, kabelka tu a náušnice tu. A to som vždy chcela prísť s niečím novým, aby ste sa na mojom blogu nenudili. Plány, plány, plány.

Detox som prežila. Má naozaj blahodárne účinky. Týždeň bez Instagramu, Facebooku, blogu, emailu, eshopov, push notifikácií… a vydržala by som ešte dlhšie. Vykročila som zo svojej blogovej bubliny a pozrela na svet. Na skutočný svet. XOXO som vymenila za naozajstné objatie. Je teplé, silné, vonia pokosenou trávou a trvá veľmi dlho. Namiesto chatovania som počula hlas mojich starých rodičov. Je múdry, mäkký, nikam sa neponáhľa, ukľudňuje a tiež znie ako tisíc malinkých lúčnych zvončekov. 

Je čas, aby som napísala k tomuto bielemu outfitu nejaký zmysluplný článok. Lenže neviem ako. Duchom som stále tam, v malej dedinke uprostred hôr, telom už tu vo Švajčiarsku

a niekto ma veľmi silno objíma…

Kedy ste si naposledy dopriali detox?

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06 June 2015

EVENT: Meilen Fashion Night 2015

swiss fashion blogger

On the front of every invitation to fashion shows in the world should be something written like - Please accept this warm invitation bla bla bla and on the back a warning - This fashion show could affect you negatively.

With the first step of the fashion models on the catwalk, the beauty of the dresses presented always drives me crazy. I look at it and my head tells me that I need, I want, I must have it, but the lives reality does not let me to have it. Anyway my head begins to operate with full speed and I think, how to get some of these incredible dresses and which bank should I rob.

Should you ever have glimpsed at a half naked model, you can be sure that I am the reason she misses half of her outfit.

Swiss PR agencies have learned about my minor problem and this is the reason, why they do not let me to sit in the first row, and they make sure, that I will be away from catwalk as far as possible. They also will not let me to take a look into the backstage and if, only for a limited time and under control.

Since the information of this form of insanity is public, all fashion brands updated their privacy policy and they are not responsible for any psychological issues or bank robberies.

The one last Saturday, was the most recent fashion show I succesfuly sneaked in. It was the Meilen Fashion Night. I was sitting really far away from the catwalk and instead of glasses I should have brought a teleskop, but I enjoyed the show very much anyway. I was impressed by every move of a tassel (Van Der Graaf Couture), by the gloss of glittering stones, by the lace encircling bodies, the graceful walk of the supermodels, the perfect makeup and the incredibly beautiful hair styles – all together including the great sound made my mind dancing. 

The published photos I stole from another photographer (this way I would like to apologize and thank), because I was once again too lazy to carry my own camera with me. Even tough it does not look like I was there, I can assure you that I enjoyed this fashion show live.

Probably I will not be lucky enough to attend some fashion shows in the future, but I will follow others on TV under strong emotions, quietly and lonely at home.
Na prednej strane každej pozvánky na všetky fashion show na svete by malo byť napísané niečo ako - Prijmite toto vrelé pozvanie bla bla bla a na zadnej strane varovanie – Táto prehliadka na vás môže pôsobiť negatívne.

Vo mne osobne módne prehliadky vyvolávajú úplné šialenstvo a to už po prvom kroku modelky na mólo. Všetko čo majú na sebe totiž chcem, všetko sa mi hodí, všetko musím mať, no nič z toho si nemôžem dovoliť. Hlava mi začne pracovať na plné obrátky a premýšľam, akým spôsobom sa k niektorým modelom dostať alebo ktorú banku vykradnúť.

Ak by ste niekedy zazreli pobehajúcu po móle napoly vyzlečenú modelku, tak si môžete byť istí, že táto modelka stretla s najväčšou pravdepodobnosťou práve mňa.

Švajčiarske PR agentúry sa už dozvedeli o tomto mojom menšom probléme a to je dôvod, prečo ma už nikdy neposadia do prvej rady a dbajú na to, aby som bola od módneho móla čo najďalej. Taktiež ma nepustia nazrieť do backstage a ak áno, tak len na obmedzený čas a pod kontrolou. 

Odkedy je informácia o tejto forme šialenstva verejná, všetky módne značky zaktualizovali svoje privacy policy a nie sú zodpovedné za akékoľvek psychické problémy alebo bankové lúpeže.

Na jednu prehliadku sa mi nedávno ale aj tak podarilo preniknúť. Bola to Meilen Fashion Night. Síce som sedela od móla naozaj veľmi ďaleko a namiesto okuliarov by sa mi viac hodil teleskop, aj tak som si prehliadku užila. Najviac ako sa dalo. Hltala som každý pohyb strapcov (Van Der Graaf Couture), lesk trblietavých kamienkov, krajky obopínajúce telo, ladný krok modeliek, ich perfektný makeup a neskutočne krásne vlasy a v duchu tancovala na DJské sety. 

Fotky z prehliadky som ukradla inému fotografovi (týmto sa mu ospravedlňujem a ďakujem), pretože som znovu bola lenivá ťahať so sebou fotoaparát. Môže to pôsobiť, akoby som na žiadnej prehliadke ani nebola a že som len duch, ale môžete si byť isté, že som tam naozaj bola.

Asi sa tak skoro na ďalšie módne prehliadky nedostanem a tak mi neostane nič iné, len ich sledovať v TV, prepadať silným emóciám ticho sama doma.
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01 June 2015

EVENT: H&M Studio AW 2015

swiss fashion blogger

Summer has not even started and in H&M they already know exactly, what we will wear during this autumn and winter. Last Thursday I had the opportunity to visit the H&M showroom in Zurich and see the breath-taking news. The whole showroom impressed me very much. I did not know, where I should start and what should I touch first. Most of the pieces of the collection are very functional and practical, minimalistic, with a touch of futurism, in earthy colors, but also pieces of high shine materials and ornate details. I tried to take the pictures of this new fantastic collection for you – we really have something to look forward. It is really great.

What do you think of this collection?

Leto ešte ani poriadne nezačalo a v H&M už presne vedia, čo sa bude nosiť túto jeseň a zimu. Minulý štvrtok som mala možnosť navštíviť H&M showroom v Zurichu a vidieť všetky tie dychberúce novinky, ktoré budeme môcť kúpiť už v Septembri. Zaujalo ma toho v showroome veľmi veľa a nevedela som na čo sa skôr pozrieť a čoho sa skôr dotknúť. Väčšina kolekcie je veľmi funkčná a praktická, minimalistická, s nádychom futurizmu, v zemitých farbách, ale nájdu sa aj kúsky s vysokým leskom a zdobenými detailmi. Snažila som sa pre vás toho nafotiť čo najviac, aby ste vedeli čo vás čaká a čo neminie.

Čo si myslíte o tejto kolekcii?

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