11 September 2012

Liebster Blog Award 2

I received a Liebster Blog Award nomination from fashion blogger Zuy http://onedaylifelove.blogspot.sk/2012/08/blog-awards.html
I still can hardly believe it and I'm honored that she chosen exactly me.
Thank you!

Už druhýkrát som bola nominovaná na Liebster Blog Award a to by Zuy, autorkou blogu http://onedaylifelove.blogspot.sk/2012/08/blog-awards.html
Stále tomu nemôžem uveriť a je to pre mňa veľká pocta, že Zuy vybrala práve mňa.

Important rules:
- Thanks to the person who has granted awards
- Link back to the person who granted me a valuation
- Propose a further 5 blogs on the valuation, with of less than 200 followers
- Inform nominated bloggers about it

So, here they are, 5 nominated fashion bloggers of my favorites. All of them are awesome and deserve the award.