01 June 2013

LOOK: I realized...

Uvedomila som si, že môže trvať roky, kým sa zo mňa stane štylista. A môže trvať večnosť, kým zo mňa bude Dobrý štylista. Zatiaľ nie som ani jedno. Ale baví ma nakupovať, dotýkať sa hodvábu a zdobených detailov šiat, so slzou na krajíčku prezerať nové kolekcie topánok v Jelmoli a dýchať na sklá výloh Bahnhofstrasse a baví ma zdieľať s vami tento blogový svet, inšpirovať a nechať sa inšpirovať veľkými blogerkami ako je táto – Mis Papalicos.

Kto je váš módny guru?

I realized that it could take years until I could become a fashion stylist. And it could take forever until I become a good fashion stylist. So far I am neither. Still I enjoy shopping, touch the silk and decorated details of dresses – and - with one tear on the edge of my eyes look through the new collections of shoes in Jelmoli and breathe on the windows of luxury shops in Bahnhofstrasse. I also enjoy sharing with you this bloggers world, I would like to inspire and be inspired by great bloggers like this - Mis Papalicos.

Who is your fashion guru?

shoes Heels, clutch Asos, earrings H&M, bracelets Asos



  1. I love the neutral face!

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  2. Great dress.
    I want your earrings, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  4. You look really beautiful! Love your dress, what a color! xo

  5. you look great in yellow :)

  6. Ta první fotka je moc hezká. Šaty také a psaníčko je excelentní.

  7. It may take years but I think you've got what it takes!
    This dress reminds me of Princess Belle...beautiful.
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  8. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww I just saw that you were talking about me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    So honoured.

  9. awesome dear!!!
    yellow really suits you :)

  10. Love the yellow dress, and the gold cuff is so gorgeous too!!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog - make sure to check back later this week as I'll have an international giveaway starting...

  11. I don't have a fashion guru, really, but there are a few celebs out there that really inspire me with their sense of fashion. I love Miranda Kerr's style, for example. X

    1. But these kind of celebs they do not have style really. They have a cosmetic consultant, hair stylist and dress stylist. Do not take them seriously! :)

  12. looking pretty!

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  13. Wow, love your dress

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  14. i always like your style :D

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  15. you look amazing!


  16. I love your make up and about that fashion stylist thing - don't give up, practise makes you better! This outfit is so cool though :)

  17. Šaty mají úžasnou barvu a náramek je dokonalý.

  18. I adore your outfit. I think every single piece of clothing looks so great on you.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  19. Love the dress, it looks great on you and the color is so beautiful!

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